Regardless of the type of business the insured develops, their employees can be injured when doing any typed of work. Workers insurance can provide benefits and pay medical expenses in the event that the employee has an accident or illness occurs related to your job. Law in the State of Georgia requires this insurance, if the company or employer has three or more workers.

Workers’ compensation insurance pays different benefits to the employee:

  • Loss of income for the time the worker cannot go to carry out his work due to a work-related accident or illness, as long as he recovers and can return to his normal activities.

  • Medical expenses to treat the accident or illness generated at work.

  • Rehabilitation expenses required by the worker to return to work.

  • Compensation: If the employee dies due to an accident at work, his Family will receive compensation depending on the limit of their policy.

Because workers’ compensation Law is different in all states, people should confirm with their agent that the insurance purchased has coverage for work outside of the state in which it was purchased.