This type of insurance known as General Liability or also Commercial General Liability, protects the insured’s company in case that someone sue you for personal injury, or damage to the property of third parties during the development of the work.

The following are the General Liability protection options:

  • Bodily Expenses to Third Person – A person can sue you for  that you were injured on your business property, General Liability insurance can help you with the legal expenses of a lawsuit and help you cover the medical expenses of the person who was injured.

  • Damage to a third party’s property – Helps covering the costs of an accident that caused damage to other people’s property. A common example are the logging companies that when cutting a tree, it fell on the garage on the property where the work was being performed causing  material damage.

  • Damage to the reputation of a person or other business – The insured can be sued for libel or slander and General Insurance Liability can help you with the legal costs of this situation.

  • Advertising Damages – The insured can be sued because his Image or advertising may offend by discriminating against third parties. General Liability can help you cover the costs of resolving this lawsuit.

Law does not require General Liability Insurance, however, the reasons mentioned above, are common in companies and it is advisable to have General Liability coverage, which additionally offers credibility and security to clients when choosing supplier companies.