Housing: Covers the property, other parts of the property that are not attached to it, personal items and rental expenses in case the property is not habitable and the insured requires to rent a property while the necessary arrangements are made to inhabit it again.

Covers risks such as: fire, lightning, windstorm and hail, explosion, riots, plane or vehicles, vandalism, smoke, theft, objects that fall on the house, among others.

Civil Liability: The coverage protects the insured against injury or damage to third parties who are on the property.

Other coverage *: the increase in rebuilding or repairing the home with the new building codes, protection of the monthly payment of the home loan in case the home is uninhabitable, the damage of equipment and appliances in the event of an electrical problem.

Home insurance has deductibles and depending on the value of the deductible, the cost of insurance varies.

* Depending on the insurance company and the coverage chosen by the insured.