This insurance provides the insured with coverage for vehicles, vans, trucks, or other vehicles for commercial use.

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage such as:

  • Liability Coverage for damage to third parties –In the event of an accident where the insured is at fault, this coverage will pay a maximum up to the limit that the client has selected for physical damage to third parties (Bodily Injury) and material damage (Property Damage) caused by said accident. In commercial auto policies commercial, the limit of third party damages (persons and property) can be combined in a single amount (Combine Single Limit) and can reach a limit of one million dollars. This coverage is mandatory. When the policy is activated, by law the insurance company electronically sends the insurance verification for that vehicle and that plate and / or owner registration. In such a way that if a police officer checks the license plate number that each vehicle has, the system shows whether or not it has auto insurance.

  • Coverage against uninsured vehicles (Uninsured and Underinsured motorist) –This coverage helps the insured, or a designated driver in case this is Accident by a vehicle that does not have auto insurance (Hit and Run).

  • Comprehensive and Collision coverage –These coverages protect the insured’s vehicle in the event of an accident or any other incident that occurs such as fire, explosion, falling objects on the vehicle, winds, storms, floods, vandalism or impact with an animal such as deer or birds. This coverage is generally acquired with a deductible that can vary from $ 250 to $ 1,000. If the deductible value is the highest, the cost of this coverage decreases. This coverage is not mandatory, however, when the vehicle is financed, the company or bank with which the credit is had, requires the insured to have this coverage until the vehicle is paid for in full.

  • Medical Payments –Depending on the insurance company, these can provide medical expenses to the insured and their passengers from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 Dollars, in case they have been injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

  • Cargo Coverage –For commercial cars, the insurance offers coverage for the cargo carried by the work vehicle.

  • Coverages for listed vehicles, any vehicle, rented vehicles or those that the insured does not own – In commercial auto insurance, the insured with these coverage have the possibility of covering only the listed cars, rented vehicles, or in case you use another vehicle that is not in the name of the insured.

Commercial Auto Insurance is very important, since it is priced in the selected limits but also in the use that is given to the vehicles, if it carries tools, if you have signs, the number of work sites visited per days, and the number of miles driven to each.